Decentralized AppStore

Powered by Influencers

Influencers promote advertiser’s mobile games to their followers and the followers install and play the games through the platform.

What is ASPECTA?

ASPECTA is a decentralized App Store leveraging influencer's marketing and distribution capacity. Influencers promote advertiser’s mobile games to their followers and the followers install and play the games through the App Store. Using public blockchain and smart contract, all of transactions and data are transparently tracked and shared with all parties, entitling and compensating each participant according to their contribution on the ecosystem.


Marketplace is where advertisers and influencers can discuss and sign contracts such as marketing materials, budget and campaign duration. Sonar, in-house Data Management Platform, will help advertisers find right influencer partners who have appropriate target followers through accumulated marketing campaign data.


Lounge is a media that streams influencer videos to users. Game companies can conduct efficient marketing to the targeted audience through Harpoon, which is Aspecta’s machine learning based Personalization Engine and managing the efficiency of marketing in real time through Sonar. Ad revenues that the traditional intermediaries (ad networks & ad agencies) have received will now go to influencers and users, creating an innovative eco-system benefitting the participants.


PromoStore will reduce the platform fee significantly by enabling the game companies to sell promo codes linked to game items directly to the users with our cryptocurrency VIM, and maximize the business efficiency of game companies by providing them an immediate payment.

Token Economy

Game developers deposit VIM tokens in order to start a campaign and make a contract with influencers. Influencers create video contents and publish them on Lounge. Once users watch the video contents and make specific actions/transactions, VIM is provided to influencers and users as rewards via Smart Contracts.

Level System

Level system has been designed to encourage active participation on the platform and to incentivize holding more VIM tokens. Active participation and holding more VIM level you up and you get extra VIM rewards according to your level during campaigns.

  • Game developers can increase their levels through more marketing campaigns on Lounge and more promo code sales on PromoStore. They get more discounts on transaction fees as they level up.

  • Influencers get to higher levels when they get more donations from their followers or when their marketing campaigns show good performance. Higher level gives better chance of getting videos listed higher on Lounge, as well as extra VIM rewards on top of the predetermined rewards.

  • Users level up by watching videos, completing some specific actions, or buying promo codes on PromoStore. Their level gives them extra VIM rewards as in influencers.

Reward Bank

Reward Bank distributes extra rewards to active participants according to their levels.

  • Initially some portion of issued tokens is reserved for Reserve Engine. As the ecosystem grows, newly issued tokens will be deposited to Reserve Engine.

  • Transaction fees collected from throughout the platform (e.g., PromoStore and user donation) fund Reserve Engine

About Influencers

We have secured the influencer networks having over 300 influencers and 20 million subscribers, and they are supposed to work with Aspecta team from the launch of the platform.








Charley Shim

CEO, Co-Founder

As a serial entrepreneur, Charley Shim is CEO at Sway Mobile, Inc and has been leading the global gaming industry with innovative products and disruptive platforms for 20 years. Previously he did the performance marketing and mobile game publishing as a director at Kiwi, Inc backed by Sequoia Capital. As a co-founder/CTO at Gamevil, Inc, he successfully led the smartphone game business and did IPO in Korea stock market in 2009. Charley received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University and an MBA from the Wharton School.

John Choi

COO, Co-Founder

John co-founded Sway Mobile, Inc and, with his in-depth expertise in digital marketing, has been helping global mobile game developers conduct data marketing. He was also an early member of Gamevil, Inc, leading the most successful title Pro Baseball series, and got awarded Korea Best Developer Award from Korea government. John graduated Seoul National University with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Ethan Lee


Ethan has been working as a full stack engineer in tech industry. With his 15 year hands-on experience in product development and service, his expertise covers Ad tech, Big data analysis, AI, payment module, security software, API server, Unity3D, and game development. He holds a BS in Mathematics from Seoul National University.

David Jung

Vice President

David has a game producing and development experience for 20 years in Korea and Japan. At Gamevil, he led global top RPG Zenonia series which got downloaded 60M times globally. In addition, he also managed more than 30 gaming projects during his career.

Aspecta’s executives and advisors held key positions in the following companies:


Yoon-Woo Lee

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman and CEO
Seoul National University

Chief Pat

2.5M subscribers and 650M views
Tribe Gaming, CEO

Jung Hwan Kim

Blizzard Korea, CEO
Nyou, Inc. CEO
XLGAMES, Co-Founder
NC Taiwan, CEO
New York University

Jung In Shin

Google, Agency Lead
Google Marketing Solutions
Wharton MBA
Yonsei University

James Yang

Tencent, Director
ChangYou Korea, CEO
EA, Publishing Director
Seoul National University

James Kuk

Twitch, Senior Director
Microsoft, Sr.Business
Development Manager, XBOX
Wharton MBA
New York University

Saewoong Bahk

Seoul National University,
Chief Information Officer and Professor
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engeneering
University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.
Seoul National University

Sung Ik Hwang

Korea Mobile Game Association, Chairman
Busan Indie Connect, Chairman
Economy Innovation, Director

Jean-Paul Sanday

Summit Partners VP
CreativeLive, Kiwi VP
Stanford MBA
Boston College

Partners & Clients


Quest 1 Ready to Great Journey


Sonar Development Completed


Harpoon Development Completed


Sonar&Harpoon Validation

(5M user data analysis)

We are Here !!

Quest 2 Enter the Secret Cabinet


Global Launching Pilot Game


Create blockchain Network

Develop Smart Contract & Complete Sonar Linkage

Run Pilot Campaigns


Launch Marketplace / Lounge / Promostore Launch

Complete Harpoon Linkage and Matching System Development

Source game Developers and Influences

Quest 3 The Triumph


E-Commerce Expansion

PromoStore SDK Open

Upgrading Performance Analysis

System and Matching System


Global Expansion

Localize Marketplace/Lounge/Promostore


The Token Sale will start soon. We will announce the details on our homepage and official channels(Telegram and etc).

The total supply for token(VIM) is 1 billion, and 400 million will be allocated to sales.

All remaining tokens that are not sold by the end of the sales period will be burned completely.
We are currently in discussions with various domestic and international exchanges. Once final decisions are made, we will be announcing it on our official channels!

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